The CC Boutiques


Making small town Kansas a little bigger.




When I first took on Cherry Creek Boutique as my full time job I talked a lot about renting an office space in my local town to help get me out of the house. During the pandemic, it seemed like most days as soon as I woke up I started packaging orders and stringing necklaces and before I knew it, it was 4pm and I was still in my pajamas from the night before. 

It was one day, when I was hanging out with a couple of friends when one of my friends came to me with the idea of opening a storefront, instead of an office space. My friend, Sammy, explained to me that she had been looking into starting her own business selling clothes, and suggested that if we opened a storefront together it could help split the cost of renting a building, while still having a space for not only our inventory, but also to sell out of. 

I guess from that moment on, I never really second guessed the idea. Sammy established a name for herself, Crazy Chic Boutique, and we began renovating a storefront on the main road through our hometown. We started renovating at the end of Summer in 2020 and opened our doors to the public November 21st, 2021.


With Sammy being "Crazy Chic Boutique" and me being "Cherry Creek Boutique" we decided to call our little shop "The CC Boutique's". We're still 2 separate entities, selling different products, but working together to make our small hometown feel a little bigger.


You can shop with us in store at

405 S Maple St. Garnett, KS, 66032




You can also shop CrazyChic Boutique's catalog by clicking the link below: