“Shop the Brand” / Brand Merch Orders

Let’s talk brand merch:

Due to a high request for merch, I decided a while ago to partner with a company called Printful. I wanted to be able to offer y’all all our custom designs on a variety of different styles, sizes, and colors, without me having to personally order and sit on all the inventory until it sold. Printful has been great because they have access to my website and orders so the second your orders containing brand merch are place, they start the production of your order. This means that products are not made until they are purchased, to help reduce waste and access inventory. Once your order has been made, they ship it directly to you, so my hands never physically touch your merch orders. This is why if you’ve placed a order containing merch AND jewelry, your shipping cost was a little more and your order arrived in two separate packages. This is also why it seems as though merch orders take a little longer than my normal turn around time. I ship anywhere from 2-5 times a week, whereas Printful’s turn around time is anywhere for 2-7 days for production as well as the time it takes for the Postal Service to transport your package.