A Legacy


When I started CCB I put a lot of thought into the legacy I wanted to build a foundation on. The name, the details, they all have meaning and are a big part of who I am. It may be small, but my favorite of these details will always be the saying at the top of our homepage. “A lover of the land, good company, and all things turquoise.” It’s so much more than just some saying I came up with, as it actually comes from my grandfathers obituary. It read, “Donald had a love for the outdoors, he enjoyed hunting and fishing, camping and visiting with friends and neighbors. His greatest joy was his family, especially his grandchildren.” Although it may be small, having this this incorporated at the top of my website is a constant reminder than he’s always with me, no matter what.

About four years ago we lost my grandpa to Parkinson’s, and truthfully it never really gets any easier. He was one of the most hard working and kind hearted people I’ve met and for 18 years I was lucky enough to share a cake and blow out my birthday candles with him.⁣ As his disease slowly started to take aspects of his life from him, his love for his family never faded. I’m so thankful for all of our Sunday dinners as a family, which then grew into Sunday afternoons visiting him at the nursing home. I’m so lucky to have such an amazing family and I take so much pride that I share the same blood as so many influential people. ⁣If there’s one thing that’s true about a Whitcomb, it’s that they’re all skilled with their hands. Whether it be my grandpa - a mechanic and avid outdoorsmen, my grandma - a seamstress, gardener, and the worlds best baker, or my dad - a skilled carpenter, being able to have my own craft in order to keep this legacy alive is something that I hold near and dear. I’m so thankful for my family and the roots I’m lucky enough to have come from, and I know my grandpa would be so proud of what CCB has grown into.